Il n'est aucun empire humain, Au dessus de moi je ne vois que des oiseaux de mer.

4 avril 2006

I'll Be There by Weekend Players

on a rainy day
troubled and lost your way
with things going wrong
and the day is long
or when you take a wrong turn
get your fingers burned
and when your losin' ground
lost the day and don't know what to do

teeterin' on the brink
like your poor heart could sink
when you labor in vain
losin' the game
when worry drags you down
wear a weary frown
when your feelin' blue
when your worst nightmare comes true

when an ill wind blows
and all hope goes
and only heaven knows
which way to go
to share the heavy load
down the long and winding road
when the sky falls in
and you don't know where ya been or goin' to

when your l-i-e's
down on your knees
drownin' your sorrows
dreadin' bout tomorrow
when you feel like your fallin'
been ragged and run down
fall and pray to things you didn't know too